Natural Symbiotic Complex

Promotes Oral Health
Cymbio Chewable Tablets – unique combination of carefully selected natural probiotic strains and prebiotic fibres (inulin), helps reduce disorders and their incidence in the oral cavity and in the other segments of the digestive tract caused by the alteration of microflora.
Cymbio Chewable Tablets brings a series of benefits on the whole body, both facilitating optimal action of digestive enzymes and stimulating the immune system by increasing resistance to infection.
In addition, it has a delicious vanilla flavour!

● Especially developed formula for the rebalance of the oral cavity microflora, altered by poor immunity or antibiotic use;
● Reduces the number and activity of Streptococcus mutans, one of the most cariogenic bacteria from dental plaque;
● Reduces the number and activity of the bacteria that proliferate in case of gingivitis or periodontal disorders.

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