URObiotic Forte contains a unique and concentrated formula which synergistically combines the action of three natural extracts: live probiotic cultures, D-mannose and Cranberry extract, which ensure a double protection of the urinary tract.

● The content of live probiotic cultures in URObiotic Forte contributes to the long-term maintenance of a healthy and balanced urinary tract flora;
URObiotic Forte helps alleviate the signs of urinary discomfort, through the cranberry and D-mannose content, responsible for reducing replication of bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections (E. coli);
● In the bladder, the two active ingredients exert a synergistic effect, reducing the adherence of E. coli. The bacteria are prevented from remaining on the bladder wall and are eliminated with the bladder emptying;
URObiotic Forte contributes to the improvement of the bladder activity and can reduce the inflammation of the urinary tract, by the cranberry content (rich in natural antioxidants, especially proanthocyanidins).

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